Types of Technological uses

Technology is often outlined because the use of scientific and technical data to style, produce and monitor machinery, electronic devices and varied other forms of products to serve the humanity. Technology has been classified into completely different classes with every of them having its own distinctive purpose.

Types of Technology

Here could be a inspect the various styles of technologies:

Industrial Technology
This type of technology deploys producing and engineering technology for the assembly of machines and alternative instrumentality. using these technologies makes the assembly method faster and a lot of economical. the method is additionally created less complicated.

Alternative Technology
This type of technology is understood to be atmosphere friendly compared to the opposite technologies that ar a lot of dominant in today’s situation. a number of the samples of different technology embody the utilization of wind turbines to supply electricity, the method of composting, use of star panels, anaerobic digestion, biodiesel, oil, wind generators and grey-water utilization.

Creative Technology
It includes art, product style and advertising created with the utilization of package based mostly, electronic or data-driven device. This includes the utilization of 3D printing, special effects, computer game and wearable technology among alternative things.

Architectural Technology
This involves the utilization of technology to style and build buildings. it's a locality of design and building engineering. it's closely related to the advancement in building science. At times, it's seen as a separate discipline.

Low Technology
This is a term given to easy technology that doesn't create use of non-mechanical things to form new objects. This was in the main current before the commercial revolution. It may be practiced with low capital investment and isn't capable of manufacturing high-end devices.

Assistive Technology
This involves creating use of various types of product and services to help folks with disabilities. It includes non-mechanical, non-electronic aids, mechanical, electronic and silicon chip based mostly instrumentality additionally as exclusive educational materials and services to help disabled folks in learning and functioning. it's conjointly accustomed create the atmosphere simply accessible for them.

Instructional Technology
It is the observe of development, utilization, management and assessment of the procedures and resources of teaching and learning. Its main purpose is to come up with partaking and effective learning experiences.

Micro Technology
It is essentially a technology that creates use of electronics. it absolutely was within the year 1960 that the scientists learned that by transportation along microscopic transistors on one chip, one might build electronics circuits that may enhance performance and practicality with reduced value.

Medical Technology
As the name suggests, this kind of technology produces varied devices and instrumentality to diagnose and treat completely different medical conditions poignant people in general and animals.

Information Technology
It involves the use of laptop systems and telecommunication to review, store, send and retrieve data. net is that the commonest example of data technology.


While technology has been classified into many classes every serving its own purpose, the core motive of of these remains an equivalent, that's to style and build newer devices to form life a lot of convenient.

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