Technology Trends in modern world

Technology has assisted  within the evolution of the trendy world and the way we tend to imagine it. The technological innovations have created the lives of people in general convenient, straightforward and higher than what it had been yesterday. it's created potential for folks to attach from everywhere the planet through sensible phones, emails, video calls, etc.

Technology has replaced the traditional modes of transportation to quicker and convenient ways that like metros and airplanes. Medical innovations to cure diseases and rectify them therefore simply wouldn't are potential while not technological innovations like magnetic resonance imaging scans, surgical machineries and alternative advanced techniques. Technology has currently become one among the foremost integral components within the development of any nation.

Drawbacks of Technology

As we know, nothing attention-grabbing is ever utterly one-sided there square measure downsides to the technology further. it's brought a vicious circle of cyber warfare, hackers, terrorist attacks, social stress and heap additional. it's created folks obsessed on social networking sites, creating them dreamy and ignorant. trendy technology is eliminating the creative thinking of human hands and brain.


Technology has actually paved  ways that for an improved life-style, however it's conjointly caused injury and destruction to the setting. Despite of its varied consequences, technology is here to remain and there's no escaping it. Technology may be a tool to be used with rationality. Hence, it's upon the user to make a decision its potential.

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