Technology in current Era

Technology has revolutionized the planet of gadgets to an entire new platform. it's aforementioned one technology opens the doorways for hundred alternative technologies, and these become the forces for changes in our society, approach of living and atmosphere. Technology has helped in understanding the present issues and things and from there combat to produce multiple solutions to them.

Education and Technology

Since the invention of computers and calculators, technology has remodeled the dynamics of education. With the increasing quality of web and its powers, on-line search engines have opened the doorways of accessing any data simply by the press of a key. conveyance technology to lecture rooms by introducing sensible boards, and projectors that screen digital simulations and models helps lecturers to clarify ideas with such ease and conjointly helps students grasp quicker and higher. It helps students connect at a worldwide level. Technology has conjointly created the system of assessment easier and economical. However, there are not any less cases wherever technology has hindered student’s ability to find out and served a lot of as a distraction than how of learning.

Medicine and Technology

Technology has brought a reform within the tending and medication sector. From genetically changed crops for higher yielding to an excellent increase within the expectancy rate, from the utilization of X-rays, tomography scans for distinguishing diseases to the utilization of varied surgical machines – everything could be a miracle of technology. Technology has helped in combating diseases that were once thought to be incurable. it's helped in playing complicated surgeries at utmost exactitude that is almost not possible to be achieved via somebody's hand. plenty of individuals believe that technology has resulted in focusing and treating solely on the sick a part of the body instead of caring of the patient as an entire.


Besides making a revolution within the field of drugs and education, plenty of various sorts of technologies like 3d printing, computer game, graphic technology, data technology, architecture-related soft wares have evolved over time and ar dynamic  the planet at such a quick pace that there's no stopping to that. Digital technology has talented North American country with its huge mythical being box of gadgets and applications. a lot of individuals a day thrive on that for his or her survival.

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