Technology - Daily Uses

Technology has become Associate in Nursing integral a part of our lives. it's ever-evolving and is chargeable for our dynamical life style. Newer technological inventions area unit taking the market by storm and other people hardly take any time to urge conversant in these.

Technological advancements have additionally diode to the expansion and development of the nations as an entire.

The draw back of Technology

Here may be a examine the draw back of technology:

The use of technological instrumentality has given rise to numerous varieties of pollution. the commercial waste is thrown within the seas and different water bodies, thereby resulting in pollution, the smoke emitted by factories and vehicles causes pollution, pollution is additionally a results of the production/ use of technological devices. Industrial waste has additionally diode to soil pollution. Technological advancement has additionally given thanks to thermal, hot and light-weight pollution.

Depletion of Natural Resources
Many natural resources area unit being over-exploited to provide technological instrumentality. whereas these instrumentality have verified to be helpful in many ways this follow is leading to the depletion of natural resources that may be a threat to the setting.

Health problems
Rise within the level of pollution and also the weakening of natural setting has diode to many health problems. the employment of technology has additionally reduced physical activities that once more has given rise to numerous health issues. respiratory issues, respiratory organ infection Associate in Nursingd fatness area unit among the issues that area unit on an all time high because of the increasing use of technology.

The work that was once done manually is currently accomplished with the assistance of machines. the assembly of machines has therefore quarantined the resource of many individuals.

Nuclear Weapons
Technology has additionally diode to the assembly of nuclear weapons that area unit a threat to the humans.


Almost everything we tend to use in our every day life may be a gift of technology and that we cannot imagine our lives while not most of those things. However, the maximum amount sensible because the technology has done to the humans, we tend to cannot deny the very fact that it's additionally caused the maximum amount damage to our surroundings.

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