Technology - A boon or curse to mankind

The term technology has been derived from Greek words technne and logos. Technne means that the ability needed to craft one thing and logos stands for data or discussion regarding one thing. Technology therefore means that the utilization of information to form one thing to reinforce life. many massive and little things we have a tendency to use in our daily lives are associate outcome of technological development.

Scientists conduct analysis and experiment with various things to come back up with newer ideas. Technologists use these ideas to develop newer devices. folks lately have mature very at home with the utilization of those technological inventions that they merely cannot do while not them. They look the launch of newer and additional advanced devices. Mobile phones and cars ar the most effective samples of this. folks watch for the new models and replace them while not giving it a turnabout.

The good phones provide such a lot, from superb play expertise to instant property with folks, that it's exhausting to require your eyes off it. Your car, cooling, microwave and different technologically advanced devices conjointly appear pretty much as good due to the convenience they provide. However, it's wise to not go overboard with their use. Maintain a balance between science and nature to steer a peaceful life and keep your surroundings healthy.

Technology has helped within the growth and development of the group as an entire. Technological inventions have created living convenient. Connecting with folks in several elements of the globe, movement long distance, having constant sources of recreation and simple preparation and storing food ar a number of the most effective things technology has offered America. however is technology very a boon to the mankind?

Well, this has continuously been a degree of dialogue. whereas technology has paved  the approach for a far better living its draw back can't be unnoted. The continual use of technologically advanced equipments still because the method of their production has diode to a forceful rise all told kinds of pollution. The rising pollution has become the explanation for many health problems. Excessive use of technology has conjointly contributed to issues like blubber and impairment. Besides, it's isolated folks socially over connecting them. it's conjointly diode to a decrease within the employment opportunities significantly for the labour category.

While science and technology ar mutually beneficial, these ar 2 utterly distinct fields of study. Science contributes to technology in many ways in which. it's the data of science that offers thanks to new and innovative ideas to make totally different technological tools. The analysis and experiments conducted in science laboratories result in the planning of varied technological techniques and devices. data regarding science conjointly helps in understanding the impact of technology on the surroundings and therefore the society. Technology on the opposite hand extends the agenda of science. once the ideas ar place to use, the scientists ar impressed and intended to analysis and experiment more to come back up with newer ideas.

Technology definitely has given thanks to associate improved life style and contributed towards the expansion of economies; but, the number of injury it's done to the surroundings still because the group may be a explanation for serious concern.

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