Some notes on Technology

Technology is essentially the applying of knowledge to create instrumentality and devices that may be place to completely different use. Technology has bit by bit become a locality of our standard of living. the items we tend to use everyday as well as the stove, white goods, bike, laptop, phone, cooling system, car, lamps and net affiliation have all been sourced by technology.

While technology has created life convenient for America, the negative repercussions it's can't be unnoticed. Here is however technology has wedged our lives and additionally a way to strike a balance to beat this impact.

Addiction towards Technology

The use of technology for up one’s method of living is okay. However, addiction with technological devices will influence be fatal. sadly, we've got return the simplest way too way once it involves victimisation the technology. nearly everybody nowadays is pasted to the technology currently. one among the apt samples of this will be the cell phones. whether or not you're in an exceedingly restaurant, workplace or reception – everybody around simply appears busy playing with his/her smartphone.

Similar is that the addiction to air conditioners. throughout summers, it's nearly not possible to take a seat while not air conditioners. Summers accustomed be as hot some years past too however individuals did while not this air cooling device however currently it's become Associate in Nursing addiction. Another example of technological addiction is that the use of vehicles. we've got nearly forgotten however it's wish to walk.

Similarly, we've got full-grown obsessed on most of the technological devices.

Negative Repercussions of Technology

This addiction towards technology is destroying America physically similarly as mentally. Here is how:

Engrossed in technology, kids currently develop social isolation that ends up in lack of social skills. Extreme use of technology and a socially isolated life will even cause depression.
Abundant sources of amusement square measure offered reception and therefore individuals don't feel the necessity to travel out. most children currently keep inside instead of gratification in outside activities. This ends up in health issues like fat, poor sleeping habits and stress.
The use of technology has light-emitting diode to a forceful increase in pollution that successively is answerable for numerous health issues.
Striking a Balance between Technology and Nature

Most people square measure unable to strike a balance between technology and nature. There square measure bound those who square measure too obsessed on technology and their high commonplace of living that they need nearly forgotten however it's wish to live the natural method. On the opposite hand, there square measure people who square measure still curst the previous ways in which of living and square measure hesitant to use technology to enhance their commonplace of living.

The idea is to strike a balance between them. you need to not go overboard with any of the 2 modes of living. it's comprehendible that you simply cannot shut down on your laptop computer or avoid victimisation your mobile thanks to the character of your job. However, you'll be able to definitely place it aside after you square measure along with your family and friends. sit down with the individuals sitting next to you instead of perpetually chasing those distant. Similarly, it's a decent plan to do hands at agriculture on the weekend instead of outlay time observance movies.

Instead of victimisation elevator or escalators it's instructed to require the steps. additionally for travel little distances, it's higher to travel walking instead of victimisation your vehicle. this manner you'll not solely take pleasure in physical activity however also will do your bit to regulate the conveyance pollution.


Technology appears habit-forming thanks to the convenience and simple sources of comfort and amusement it offers. However, being one with the character isn't any less enraptured. strive putting a balance between the 2 and you'll see however your life changes permanently.

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