Necessity of Technology

Technology could be a necessity of the trendy style. on a daily basis there square measure new ideas and advancements within the technology because the world becomes additional concerned in discovering and utilizing the potential of natural resources. Technology has improved human lives considerably by providing convenience and potency. it's created simply attainable for United States to access education, communication, medicine, transportation, sports, etc.

In this quick pace and dynamic  world, technological innovations take no time in turning into obsolete. However, these days for any nation’s development technology plays an important role in rising its economy and also the lives of the individuals. Technology is that the gift and way forward for this era.

Starting from sensible phones to wake you up, matchness bands to stay you fit, to the computers you're employed upon and also the electricity you employ – everything is that the capricious world of technology. The technological innovations like net and sensible phones have created attainable for individuals to attach with others everywhere the world, get info regarding any nook and corner of the globe, produce a digital and a world economy, obtain recreation and also the list continues. Human lives square measure thus elaborately connected to technology that they merely cannot perform while not it.

Today, each nation is flourishing on technology to get economy, employment all leading towards a sensible style. Technology has such a lot to supply and everyday its potential is tested to new limits. However, with technologies like AI, nuclear weapons square measure a threat not solely to the surroundings however humankind conjointly and their scale of mass destruction and injury can't be fanciful.

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