National Technology Day

National Technology Day, 2019 was celebrated in Asian nation on eleventh of could, Saturday.

The National Technology Day 2019 theme was “Science for individuals and other people for Science”.

President and Prime Minister of Asian nation greeted the state on the occasion and appreciated the scientists and engineers for his or her achievements and diligence within the field of science and technology for the country’s development.

Sikkim University celebrated the National Technology Day in Gangtok. The event comprised of assorted activities like seminars, deliberation by scientists on varied topics, quizzes and debates. The inauguration of the event was done by the honorable governor of the state.

In Hyderabad, VNRVJIET faculty of Engineering and Technology celebrated the National Technology Day by organizing an incident on the occasion and holding discussions on the subject of applied science, engineering and biotech etc.

The day was celebrated with nice enthusiasm by faculties} and colleges wherever the kids got an opportunity to go to science laboratories and technological departments of their cities. colleges conjointly unionized science exhibitions wherever the scholars showed experiments and scientific models.

About “Shakti, the Pokhran Nuclear Test”

The first nuclear take a look at Pokhran with a code named as ‘Smiling Buddha’ was distributed in could, 1974. The second take a look at conducted was Pokhran II that was a series of 5 tests of nuclear bomb explosions, administered by Asian nation at the Pokhran range of Indian Army in could, 1998. Pokhran II comprised of 5 detonations out of that the primary one was a hydrogen bomb whereas the opposite four were fission bombs. These nuclear tests evolved varied sanctions against Asian nation by several major states, together with us and Japan.

Pokran II or Operation Hindu deity was initiated on eleventh of could, 1998 with the detonation of 2 fission bombs and one hydrogen bomb (meaning of the word “Shakti” is power in Sanskrit). 2 further fission bombs were detonated on thirteenth of could, 1998 and also the Government of Asian nation pass Atal Sanskrit Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister shortly convened a news conference for the declaration of Asian nation as a full-fledged nuclear state.

Various names were attributed for these tests with the first name unbroken as ‘’Operation Shakti-98”, whereas the 5 nuclear devices were classified Hindu deity I through Hindu deity V. Recently, the full operation is termed Pokhran II and also the explosion of 1974 is termed Pokhran I.

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