Modern Day Television - A boon or Bane?

Today, the tv is found in billions of homes the globe over. As per world statistics, nearly seventy nine of total households own a minimum of one boob tube. With such large quality and acceptableness tv has conjointly massively influenced people and even societies. during this essay we are going to discuss on the boon and nemesis factors of the tv, ending with conclusion.

Television as a Boon

Television, once properly used may be a large ocean of information and knowledge also because the best supply of recreation. There ar variety of the way to justify the utility of tv in our lives. 1st of all, it's the foremost primary and hottest supply of recreation. It provides variety of recreation programs, starting from daily soaps, singing and performing arts competitions, news channels, picture show channels, science and fiction channels, business channels, automobile channels and heap additional. Moreover, you'll be able to read these channels within the language of your alternative.

Apart from being amusive, tv is additionally a tool to realize education and knowledge. There ar varied channels supported subjects school|for varsity} and college going students also as for the scholars of PhD level.

There also are variety of stories channels running live news from varied corners of the globe, covering each vital political, social and academic event. A receiver provides all of this convenient data within the comfort of our homes, so proving that tv may be a boon to humanity.

Television as a nemesis

Despite of all the benefits that create tv a boon to mankind, there are sure traits of tv that may create it extremely annoying. Speak of the tv as annoying and therefore the very first thing that flashes through our minds is noise. The sound of a extremely emotional serial coming back from succeeding space after you are attempting to review or sleep can be quite frustrating and annoying.

Moreover, a tv conjointly transmits adult and violent programs that can be extremely dishonorable for children. Exposure to such malicious contents impacts the temperament and social skills of the kids, typically creating them chesty, hostile, corrupt, violent and socially obscure. Also, addiction to tv is an additional disadvantage that in conjunction with the mentioned effects makes tv a nemesis to humanity.


With regards to the on top of rationalization, it's established that tv is each a boon and nemesis to the humanity. however we have a tendency to use the tv makes all the distinction between it being a nemesis or boon. once used strictly for data and information purpose it’s a boon, while, once used for recreation purpose on the far side a limit, it may grow to be a nemesis.

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