Impacts of Technology

Technology affects our society each completely moreover as negatively. Its impact depends on however and to what extent we have a tendency to use it. Technology is quick paced and ever dynamical. Today’s technology in no time becomes obsolete. thence it becomes vital to stay up with the approaching technological trends.

Positive Impacts of Technology

Here ar a number of the positive impacts of technology on completely different fields:

Effective Transportation Facilities
Technological advancement in transportation is one in every of the key areas for a rustic to progress economically. it's helped flourish trade between varied countries. Technology has tried to be advantageous in road, water and air transportation by facilitating sleek flow of products and other people.

Improved Agricultural Techniques
Agricultural biotechnology has displayed the chances of growing crops within the desert, that is these days thought-about as no but a miracle. Use of contemporary machines, improved irrigation systems, cooling facilities, genetically created plants, etc. has light-emitting diode to raised yield of crops.

Longer Lives
The average life has hyperbolic because of tremendous advancement in health and drugs sector. Introduction of assorted medicines, vaccines, tools and techniques have light-emitting diode to raised health facility rising the lives of individuals.

Negative Impacts of Technology

Social Interaction
Technology is creating folks a lot of isolated to the important world. This leads to mental stress and depression among folks. Nowadays, folks ar therefore engaged within the virtual world that makes them unaware concerning their surroundings. The excessive use of social media has light-emitting diode to a decline in real time communication leading to a scarcity of a lot of required social skills.

Impact on health
Nowadays folks ar stricken by anxiety, depression and anxiety disorder because of excessive usage of multimedia system technology. This additionally results in physical, mental, social and emotional disturbances. kids lately like observance TV instead of outside activities creating them weighty. Prolonged use of laptop or mobile screens has light-emitting diode to straining of eyes. bound video games induce aggression and violence in kids that poses serious health issues.

Degradation of setting
The technologies that we have a tendency to use in our existence consume heaps of natural resources and power bit by bit resulting in their depletion. Air, water, land and sound pollution is caused by manufacturing and exploitation technology. Industrial firms that manufacture natural philosophy emit unhealthful fumes into air leading to pollution. producing technology creates a large quantity of E-waste and correct disposal of it's needed to avoid deadly chemicals to leach into the bottom.


Striking a balance between technology and nature is that the want of the hour. With limitless power of technology, it becomes vital to grasp once to prevent and outline limits. considered and decisive use of technology may facilitate in making a balance between technology and nature.

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