Evolution of Technology

Technology has evolved remarkably over the past few decades. the start of contemporary technology may well be seen in early 1800s – the beginning of business revolution and since then there has been no wanting back.

Gone area unit the times of expecting months to receive a letter from your friend or relative residing in an exceedingly distant place. At the press of some buttons you'll be able to talk over with anyone sitting in an exceedingly remote a part of the planet. Earlier individuals wont to flock to library for analysis work or pleasure reading that has currently been replaced with e books and search engines. Some a hundred years back, individuals couldn't predict the incoming cyclone, its position and time of attack however currently anyone with a itinerant will notice these details and interpret it accurately. The out of doors activities have currently been replaced with computers and Play Station. Now a days, youngsters like defrayment time on what their virtual friends area unit up to instead of defrayment quality time with their family or friends.

Technology is advancing with a speed of sunshine creating it troublesome to cope up with. it's remodeled our lives and has turned the planet into a worldwide village. Its potential is limitless and awaits nice discoveries within the close to future.

Mankind has used technology to explore and see the mysteries of nature and its existence. therein quest, technology has conjointly managed to bring luxuries and luxury to our daily lives. Technology has helped scientists to peek into the dark area, explore the planet of gadgets, check the powers of atomic energy and see the undiscovered.

Everyday scientists area unit exploring ways in which to take advantage of alternative energy, wind energy and harnessing power from it, changing salty ocean water to pure H2O, predicting weather conditions and far additional. New technologies area unit turning out to elaborately study the lives of various species whom we all know little or no concerning. Technological efforts area unit being created to preserve endanger species and manufacture higher and healthy crops by genetically modifying them.

However, technology will become a reason for self-destruction if not used resolutely. Thus, it becomes important to strike a balance between technology and nature, as technology is aware of no limit and may flip derogative. plenty of E-waste is generated as a result of the excessive use of good phones, televisions then several alternative natural philosophy.

These E-wastes are becoming drop onto fields polluting the land and plenty of natural resources area unit wasted. atomic energy and biological attack area unit a threat to the character because it has long lasting and harmful effects to the atmosphere. producing of contemporary day technologies, cars and industries have resulted in air, water and land pollution that has resulted in horrible things of global climate change and heating.

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